Joining Xamarin

After seven fantastic years at Ars Technica, I’ve decided that it’s time for new challenges and new opportunities. I’m really pleased to announce that I’m joining Xamarin’s developer relations team as a technology evangelist.

Some of the best and most exciting innovation in the field of software is happening on mobile devices. Tools that accelerate mobile development and boost the portability of existing code can unlock a ton of value. I’ve seen developers build some great things with Xamarin. In my new role, I’m going to have the opportunity to highlight some of those achievements and engage with the vibrant mobile application development community.

You can read my full farewell note over at Ars Technica. I’m still going to write articles for Ars on a freelance basis as my schedule permits. I’m going to use my personal blog here to write about software development topics and my experiences in the tech industry.