Using Async Iterators in Node.js

This talk demonstrates how to use async iterators and the new for-await-of syntax in Node.js 10. It includes some real-world examples, like iterating over the contents of a file, handling a streaming database query, and using SSE to publish the values yielded by an async iterator. The talk also dives into cancellation patterns for promises and async iterators.

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Build a REST API backend with Basejump

This presentation introduces an early prototype of Basejump, an open source framework for backend API prototyping. Basejump makes it easy to define REST endpoints powered by simple ReQL queries. It comes with a browser-based user interface for managing live API endpoints. It offers a convenient way to rapidly protoype working API backends, with data persistence and input validation.

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Using RethinkDB in Jupyter notebooks

I demonstrate how to use RethinkDB with Jupyter, a rich platform for interactive programming built on top of the powerful IPython REPL. In this talk, I showed how to perform ReQL queries in a Jupyter notebook, integrating with matplotlib and other libraries to generate data visualizations.

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Asynchronous RethinkDB client drivers

In RethinkDB 2.0, the Python and Ruby client drivers gained support for asynchronous use via integration with Tornado and EventMachine. In this presentation, I show how to perform RethinkDB queries asynchronously in Python and Ruby and demonstrate how to build a realtime web application that uses changefeeds in Ruby with the Faye framework.

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Build a realtime RethinkDB cluster monitoring app with live graphs

I demonstrated how to use RethinkDB changefeeds to build a realtime database cluster monitoring application in Go, using Fastly’s Epoch graphing library to support realtime data visualizations.

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