My name is Ryan Paul. I am an engineer at Stainless API, where I work on documentation authoring tools. I am the creator of Markdoc, an open source content authoring and publishing framework based on Markdown. In my free time, I dabble with electronic music and video game development and write articles for various internet publications.

I joined Stripe in 2016 as the company’s third technical writer and later pivoted into an engineering role in order to help modernize the company’s product documentation platform and improve the authoring experience. In my role at Stripe, I created Markdoc and developed new tools to improve content authoring. In 2024, I left Stripe to join Stainless API.

Previously, I worked in evangelism roles at RethinkDB and Xamarin where I spent much of my time building demo applications, presenting at conferences, and writing tutorials. I used to be a contributing editor at Ars Technica, where I covered Linux, software development, and emerging web standards. I’ve written articles for a range of other publications, including Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, and Jax. I’ve also presented talks at a number of conferences and meetups.