Build a realtime RethinkDB cluster monitoring app with live graphs

I demonstrated how to use RethinkDB changefeeds to build a realtime database cluster monitoring application in Go, using Fastly’s Epoch graphing library to support realtime data visualizations.

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Introducing RethinkDB geolocation features

At a RethinkDB meetup, I demonstrated how to use the new geolocation features introduced in RethinkDB 1.15. The presentation features a GeoJSON earthquake map demo powered by data from the USGS.

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Composing frontend Web applications with MontageJS

In this presentation at JSConf 2014, I presented the MontageJS frontend framework and demonstrated how to use it to build single-page web applications. I also showed how to take advantage of the MontageJS component system and data binding language to build modular web applications that are easy to maintain as they grow.

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